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Are you looking for someone to ride with?  Ride with us!  For 2013 we will have two different types of group rides or “club rides”.  These rides will typically be held on Saturdays and an evening during the week. We have one group that is open to everyone and the other group is a women’s only group.  Both groups have fast, slow and average riders.  What typically happens is we separate and group up once we start riding those wanting to go fast get to the front of the pack, etc.  We post information about these rides on our Facebook page, the calendar page on our website, and we send out weekly reminders with our newsletters. Are you looking for people to ride with?  Post something on our Facebook page we have lots of riders checking that page daily to see who is riding and who they can go with.

These rides are meant to challenge you to ride a little harder than you would normally, help you be safer and most of all make sure you are having fun.  We want all to come and ride with us, from the newbie to the experienced guy.  Come ride with us.


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