3 Reasons to use a Helmet



Helmets are ironically far from our minds. There are plenty people out there that can remember their parents militantly reminding them to wear their helmet. In response the thought would be “if helmets are so important why aren’t you wearing one?” Helmets were the things that you purposely left behind at a friends house when you knew the disney princess or ninja turtles design it had wasn’t cool anymore.

Growing up in California, we had a helmet law go into effect. Any kids under 18 seen riding without a helmet would be given a ticket and escorted back to their parents. In absolute shock and bewilderment we watched a cop chase, in his car, a kid on a bike that wasn’t wearing a helmet. Apparently it was severe enough of a problem to drive up the sidewalk in his car after the kid. I am grateful for the cop reinforcing how important helmets are.

1) Hospital bills are more expensive then helmets

I currently own a Giro helmet. I bought it because it looked descent and it has a great price tag. I have owned it for 6 years now. The helmet cost $45. There was obviously no to maintenance fee to it so what you see is what you get. We don’t need to go too far into what would happen if you weren’t wearing a helmet and the price of just an emergency room visit or a ambulance fee. Broken bones are able to heal but brain damage is permanent. I wonder how much physical rehab costs? My guess is more than $45.

This is the rear of the helmet where my head met the cement.
This is the rear of the helmet where my head met the cement.

This is from the inside of the helmet

                      This is from the inside of the helmet


2) Creditably

As in the example stated above, when it comes to give advice like wearing a helmet, lead by example. I once saw a bumper sticker that I thought said it all. ” More walk less talk” Anyone that you care about you would want them to be safe in whatever they did, wouldn’t you think they would want the same for you. And if you  earn a living as a stunt professional…you should probably have two helmets.

3) Insurance against bad drivers 

While we may feel that we are entirely competent on how to be safe, unfortunately you can’t say that about every driver out there. There will be plenty of absent minded drivers on any given day. In addition to wearing a helmet, make sure that when you are crossing major intersections and are using the crosswalk make eye contact with the drivers that are looking left but turning right. They could be half way through the turn before they look in front of them.

There are plenty of other things to consider in order to make your helmet decision one that you will not regret. The fit, the price , the design and functionality are a few of them. For more information on helmets you can click on the link to know how to find a helmet that fits. Thank you for coming by the Noble blog.








How to change bar tape


There are a couple of tricks when it come to changing bar tape. How much to bar tape overlaps as you wrap it is crucial. Too much and there won’t be enough when you get to the end and too little and the tape will separate when it gets warm. The amount of bar tape that you leave at the end of the bar is important so that you have enough to hold the bar plug in. Don’t forget your electric tape when changing bar tape so that you have something to anchor the shifter cables before you wrap the bars and also to anchor the end of the bar tape closest to the stem. Lastly you will need some scissors in order to cut the the end so that the bar tape runs parallel with the stem.


3 Painfully Simple ways to Maintenance your bike

Clean your ride regularly- There are many degrees to cleaning. It isn’t spring so so don’t worry about the deep cleaning at this point. (That is why you have a bike shop do a tune up every six months) This would be superficial cleaning of the frame, but more importantly the moving parts like the chain. Degreaser is the key to cleaning. The places to get would be the chain, derailleurs, cassette, sprocket, brakes. brake and derailleur cables and your pedals. Follow the next step after cleaning.



Points that need to be lubricated- the chain in a no brainer, but what about your bottom bracket cable guide? Where is that located and why does that matter? If you lift up the bike you’ll find the bottom bracket and mounted under that are the cable guides. Can you imagine a place on your bike that would be as exposed to all the mud and water? This simple place to maintenance will ensure that your derailleurs work properly which make it a whole lot easier for you to go anywhere. Lube the moving parts that you just cleaned off but be sure not to leave extra lube on there because it is a magnet for dirt.



Tighten things up regularly- How do you think boat captains would keep a tight ship? We would never want it to ever to be true if someone accused you as to having a loose nut. There are plenty of parts on the bike that can be maintained or tightened regularly and are painfully simple. It is true that for parts like the derailleurs the tension really matters but bolts on the chain ring done matter. I had an experience where I was on a ride and climbing a hill I shifted into the smallest chain ring. Needless to say it didn’t work. After the ride, come to find out, that all the bolts except for one had fallen off the chain ring and I had never noticed. Keep a tight ship so that you can set sail at any time.

tightning bolts