Climb Like a Pro




Last week we gave you part 1 of our favorite rides in Utah County.  Part 2 is full of some of our favorite climbs so before we post those, we wanted to to share some awesome video tutorials that will make you climb like a pro.  Enjoy!

1)Prepare for the Climb

2) Climb Like a Pro

3)Spinning is Winning

4) Climbing: Know Thyself


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Top 10 Great Road Rides in Utah County (Part 1)

The weather is getting nice and it’s time to start putting in some miles.  Utah County is home to some of the best riding in the world.  Here’s a few rides you owe it to yourself to checkout this season.  Tune in next week for the second half of the list.

10) Murdock Canal Trail

Distance: 21 Miles

Elevation Gain: Minimal

In October 2010, a massive project was undertaken to enclose the 21-mile Provo Reservoir Canal in Utah County.  Benefits of the canal enclosure included increased safety for residents along the canal, redundancy for existing water delivery systems, improved water quality and reduced seepage and evaporation.

An additional benefit arose when the canal construction created a perfect corridor for a 17-mile addition to Utah County’s existing trail system. The Murdock Canal Trail extends from 800 North in Orem to SR-92 in Lehi and will passes through seven Utah County cities, including American Fork, Cedar Hills, Highland, Lehi, Lindon, Orem and Pleasant Grove. Future expansions will eventually connect the trail to the Jordan River Parkway as well as the Provo River Trail. It isavailable for year-round walking, jogging, equestrian use, cycling and skateboarding.

murdock canal trail murdock canal map

9) Suncrest

Distance: 4 Miles. Elevation Gain: About 1,200 feet

It might not look the part, but the climb up the south side of Suncrest from Utah County has a bad reputation among many a cyclist. While locals often challenge themselves up the forgivingly wide road to the top, pros see the climb as a nasty reminder that their day is far from over. Though only four miles long and about 1,200 feet up, the climb is often accessible during the winter months and is a year-round training destination.

Start this ride by going to where Timpanogas Highway and  Highland blvd meet in Lehi.  Highland blvd eventually turns into Suncrest Dr.

8) Provo River Trail

Distance: 15 Miles

Elevation Gain: 500ft

You can start this trail where the Provo River empties into Utah Lake and ride it all the way up to Vivian Park in Provo Canyon.

provo river trail



7)Hobble Creek Right Fork

Distance: 10.5 Miles

Elevation Gain: 1,200ft

The Hobble Creek Right Fork winds beautifully up into the mountains at a gradual grade of about 2% though there are steeper short lasting sections throughout.  Definitely one of the most beautiful rides in Utah.  If you bring your cx bike you can continue beyond 10.5 miles on dirt roads and eventually find yourself on the Strawberry ridge.


There, that should get you started for this week.  Go out and ride, and let us know how you liked our suggestions!