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Here at Noble Sports, we get asked lots of bike questions, but there is one that gets asked about 10 times as much as any other.  Customers walk into the store and whether they are there for a road bike, mtn bike, or just a tube…they catch a glimpse of the Cannondale Lefty Shock, and for many it blows their mind.  “Why does that have only one shock?”  “Is that actually stable?”  “I wouldn’t trust that thing?”  “How does it work?”  “What are the advantages?”

We’ve heard them all and some of us are better at explaining it than others.  Whether you know the workings of the Lefty or not, if you’ve ridden one you know they can withstand the tests of hard riding and that their ride quality surpasses that of any other fork.  So, let me ‘splain how it works.  No, there is too much…let me sum up…ok ok, better yet, check out this video where Cannondale explains it better than I ever could:

How a Cannondale Lefty Works


Upcoming Noble Events:

1) Thursday the 26th of June at 7:00pm we will be holding a FREE hour long mechanics class where we will go over the basics of tuning a bike.  after the class, mechanic related items at the shop will be put on sale for class attendees.

2) We are working on solidifying a date for a Noble Sports Century Ride, and mtn bike group ride,  probably in the next few weeks so tune in for more info.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you at the shop!

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