Saddle Up Partner

One of the most common problems that keeps us from riding as much as we would like is saddle soreness. If the problem isn’t addressed then times will get very tough and treatment will mean even more time off of the bike.

There are a number of things that have to be taken into account in order to determine the correct fit for your saddle. One of them is the amount that you move in the saddle, another is your flexibility.

One crucial thing that we are sure that too few of us know is your sit-bone width. Your weight on a saddle is placed on the iscihcal tuberosities or the “sit-bone”. This will of course determine the width of your seat. When you come into the store we can help you figure this and the other variables to make your saddle your friend.


We carry both Shimano and Fi’zi:k saddles. Shimano offers a 30 day trial period with a guaranteed return if you don’t like it. Fi’zi:k saddles we rent for $5 dollars a day and credit that towards your purchase.

It is looking like it will be a fabulous weekend for a ride with weather in the 80s. Come by the shop on Saturday at 9:30 for the group ride and come check out the saddles while how bad yours fits is still fresh in your mind!

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