Know before you go…on a group ride

There are a couple of things to consider before you go on a group ride as to make it something that you would like to do again. Some of those things are:

Hold a line: You have to be able to make a parallel line along the side of the road. If you swerve it no longer affects just you as it is very likely that you might have people on either side of you.

Drafting: It may take some adjustment to ride so close to other riders. Drafting off them entails riding anywhere from a few inches to a few feet. Drafting off of someone can greatly effect the wind resistance you experience but dont think that it is a one way ticket. Be prepared to lead out the pack as to share the burden.

Eliminate Distraction: Don’t get fixated on the wheel of the person in front of you. Hazards come quickly and you need to be able to react quickly so keep your gaze a couple of feet ahead of you. Do not wear headphones. The group leader will be giving verbal warnings about hazards.

For more information check out this article on

Noble has group rides on Saturdays that will be covering routes all over the county. Join us on facebook to keep up with where we are going , what time and where we are meeting.


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