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The gloves are coming off?

Summer usually marks the time where you no longer need the layers for the early morning rides. With all the layers that can be shed should gloves be one of them? While the winter gloves no longer have a place, fingerless or vent gloves still have a utility for many. Here are a couple of reasons to wear gloves in the summer:

- Padded gloves relieve pressure on the Ulnar and Median nerves that run down the underside of the forearm

- Pressure on the median nerve is what causes Carpul Tunnel Syndrom

- Gloves improve your grip and control especially on hot summer days

- Shock Absorption – Would you wish that you had gloves on the last time that you went on a bumpy ride or even took a spill?

-While some may consider calluses to be the mark of manliness there are plenty that would prefer to prevent blisters that would result in calluses and overall discomfort


Ryan C at Noble Sports swears by the Pearl Isumi Elite Gel Vent glove as the best road glove in the universe


Why do you use gloves and if so what kind?

Come by the shop to try on a pair of the Pearl Isumis and try them out for yourself



Start the season out right

Now that it is warm enough to break out the bikes from winter hibernation there are a number of things that should be on your check list. Most everyone will make sure that their bikes are dialed in with tune-ups and part replacements. But how many of us take the time to make sure that our bikes are dialed in with our bodies?

Professionals check this frequently, why shouldn’t you at least once? The best way to find out this information is through a bike fit. The most precise fits have traditionally been done by world renowned athletes that cost a pretty penny. Guru has developed an innovative bike fit machine that is computer guided. Check out this Guru bike fit video to see more about how the process works.


Noble Sports is one of only 3 bike shops in Utah that has a Guru bike fit machine so come take advantage of it! Prices start at $75 and it takes 45minutes to an hour. Just call the shop and set up a time to come in. 8014910484.