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How to not dread the mountains in mountain biking

There are few people in this world that dont enjoy going down a great trail and might even become a little more competitive than normal.

But what if you have to go uphill that erases excitement real quickly not to mention evaporates your desire to race.

To encourage your drive to ride anywhere and even fuel you to participate in the mid week mountain bike race here are some tips:

1. Stay 0n the saddle- there is no better way to build your leg strength and stamina.It also teaches you the importance of body position and the relevance to the traction that your rear wheel is able to hold.

2. Try and try again- If you can get through a certain section without losing traction or feeling like you are going to pass out…start over again from the bottom.

3. Keep your eyes ahead of you- As painful as it might be to keep looking at the hill you have to conquer, when your eyes are ahead you can see critical parts that offer a unique challenge, and scan the line that offers the most grip and the least hassle.

Here is the link to an article that can confirm what I just told you

For more on breathing techniques here is a video that can help out

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